Free Air Conditioning Performance Check
Take your car to J&R for a FREE air conditioning (A/C) performance check. We will check your vehicle’s air duct output temperature, make sure the compressor is operating properly, inspect the condenser and radiator for excessive debris to ensure proper airflow, and check operating pressures (if necessary).
Many people think when their A/C stops blowing cold they just need a recharge. False! If your A/C has lost some or all of its refrigerant, it has leaked and needs immediate attention. Refrigerant does not wear out or get used up. Does your refridgerator at home need to be rechard every year? No, because it’s not bouncing over rough roads or being exposted to extreme weather conditions. Running your A/C low on refrigerant is very hard on the compressor because the compressor relies on a full system charge of refrigerant to carry the pag oil which ensures proper lubircation of it’s mechanical parts.
J&R can determine what’s wrong with your A/C; whether its due to a functional problem with the refrigerant circuit, an electrical problem, a control problem or a combination of these.
Just filling up your A/C system with refrigerant may get it working temporarily but it will not fix the problem. Let the experts at J&R determine the source of the problem and make a quality long lasting repair for you.
Stay cool, Minnesota!

Everyday Specials

  • Oil Change

    When you refer a new customer See shop for details.

  • Air Conditioning Check

    Check output vent temperature, volume, belts, and system pressure. Inspect for leaks. Freon/dye extra, if needed.

  • Muffler / Exhaust
    System Inspection

    Includes estimate if repairs are needed.

  • Pre-Purchase Inspection $44.75

    Not valid with any other offers.

  • Brake Inspection